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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum that I can Invest?

The minimum is set on a deal by deal basis, however, we try to adhere to a $1,000 minimum investment threshold to ensure our deals are as accessible as possible to a diverse set of  investors.

What are the fees?

For each deal a special purpose vehicle will be setup, and there are minor fees associated with the administration of the fund. Fund fees are shared amongst the entire group of investors so as a percentage of your investment it’ll be approximately 4% on a $250K total fund size.  As the total investment increases the administration fee decreases.

Plus, a 20% carry on any future profits, therefore if you don’t make money… we don’t make money…So our incentives are 100%  aligned with yours.

How many deals should I expect to see?

Initially, about 2 vetted deals per month.

How will I learn about new deals?

Simply register as an investor via the Score 3 Syndicate Sign Up page.  We will send new deals directly to your e-mail inbox.

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