Syndicate Leaders: The Score 3 Venture Team

Syndicate Synopsis

Score 3 Ventures aims to close the gap for minority founders and create the next generation of BIPOC industry leaders.

The Details

Score 3 Ventures partners with the nation’s leading incubators, accelerators, venture funds, organizations, and foundations to source and support talented founders solving the world’s most challenging problems.

Score 3 Ventures focuses on sourcing capital for startups, led by underrepresented minority or female founders who are seeking seed stage funding. Our deal flow is vetted by our talented pool of Venture Fellows. Our fellows are drawn from the top business schools in the country and underrepresented populations within the venture capital industry.

Angels who are part of the Score 3 Ventures Syndicate can feel confident with their investments because they are connected to the Score 3 network of high-caliber, early stage venture capital firms that will lead investment rounds. Many of our Venture Fellows are embedded in firms within our Venture Network, helping manage the investment process. Some of our partners include: Citrine Angels, Urban US, New Dominion Angels, Halcyon House, Hustle Fund, and C5 Capital.

As an Angel in our syndicate, some guidelines are included below:

  • You can opt out of any deal
  • Deals are industry agnostic and seed stage investments
  • Do not participate unless you are prepared to lose all of your investment
  • Investments should only be made as part of a large and diversified portfolio

General Terms


We will syndicate all deals that the company will allow. The Goal is syndicate 100% of all of our deals.


Default Carry per Deal



Minimum Investment per Deal

$1,​000, but may change on a deal-by-deal basis


Expected Deals per Year