Startup Board Initiative


There is a dire need for more diverse viewpoints in the boardrooms of corporate America. Although it’s gaining more and more attention, traditional business avenues are failing to meet this need. At Score 3, we are building on our experience with entrepreneurs in the technology industry to create a fast-moving and innovative solution. Our Startup Board Initiative uncovers diverse board candidates and connects them to our wide-ranging network of tech founders. These experienced corporate leaders partner with companies by becoming a member of their boards and taking on the role of board advisor or board director in exchange for company equity. The methods of recruitment and venture capital funding in the technology industry disproportionately favor white male board candidates and startup founders. 

The Score 3 Startup Board Initiative provides people of color, women, and LGBTQ business leaders a way to bypass workplace bias and unfair stereotypes. Board members receive personalized help to gain skills and create business connections that will enable them to take their careers to the next level. Likewise, founders acquire the critical social capital and additional business expertise that they need to accelerate the growth of their company. The technology industry is known for moving fast and breaking things, and it’s time to apply that philosophy to disrupting the homogeneity of the corporate board room.

How It Works

Initial Pairing

From the outset, Score 3 works personally with the founders and board candidates in our Startup Board Initiative. First, we identify their needs and skills as we work together to develop impact statements and board-ready resumes for our private, online community. While participants will be able to search the listings themselves, Score 3 will always be available to facilitate introductions and proactively suggest matches.

Board Creation

Even with the creation of a company board, the founders (or founder) of a company will be the primary decision makers and will maintain total operating control of their company.   The position of chairman of the board will be held by the founder/CEO. Board candidates will join the company as either a board advisor or a board director. Under the direction of the chairman of the board and the lead director, both board directors and board advisors work together to set the strategies and accomplish the goals of the company.  

A Logical Entry Point for Diverse Executives

Our initiative offers the most logical and effective entry point for diverse corporate executives: acting as board members for early-stage startups with diverse founders whose obstacles, talents, and dilemmas they are best equipped to handle. Board members can provide input on company strategy, acceptable risks, and priorities. They are valuable sources of warm introductions to new investors, potential employees, prospective customers, or future board members. In exchange, board members gain experience in the rewarding environment of high-tech, high-growth startups and equity in the company. As they develop their board-level leadership skills, they are exposed to some of the latest ideas, technologies, and business practices. Together, founders and board members will be able to grow professionally while shepherding the company toward a successful IPO.


At Score 3, we don’t just disrupt marketplaces. We want to challenge the social and cultural status quo of the overrepresented white male business leader. Our Startup Board Initiative is part of our effort to champion the careers of people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. Our history of working with diverse tech startups shows that we know the value of recognizing underserved communities and underutilized talent. We’re familiar with the high-risk, high-stress, and high-stakes business environment of startups. Founders already have a lot they need to deal with. You shouldn’t have to waste extra time worrying about how you are perceived or dealing with investors who don’t take the time to understand your product-market fit. At Score 3, we understand the unique challenges facing diverse founders, and we can pair you with the champions and resources that will allow you to succeed.

You saw the problem, recognized the market, and came up with a product. As a founder, you will be leading the way for your company. With the Score 3 Startup Board Initiative, you can gain the strategic advantage of a company board without having to give up control of your company to a majority vote. Our initiative pairs you with seasoned professionals who will help differentiate you from the competition, keep you ahead of the curve, and provide guidance in a variety of specialized areas. No matter what problems you face, our board candidates’ range of expertise and experience will help to meet your company’s needs while keeping you firmly in control of the first, defining stages of your startup.

Make a dent in the universe by personally working to change the character of corporate America. Start your partnership with our network of diverse leaders and companies. Reach out to us through our website to learn more about how Score 3 can help you and your company grow. We hope that you will join Score 3 as a force of change in the technology industry.

What can Score 3 do for your startup?

Startup Benefits

With the Score 3 Startup Board Initiative, you will:
• Expand your network of business connections and clients
• Build relationships with seasoned industry professionals
• Fill in the gaps in your company’s strategies and resources
• Learn the skills you need to overcome obstacles and become a successful business leader.

Board Candidate

Dedicated people of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community who are already recognized leaders in their industries will be key to the success of our initiative. We are looking for proven leaders who have already risen through the ranks of corporate America, founded their own successful corporations, or served on the boards of nationally recognized charities and professional organizations.  You don’t have to be a veteran of the technology industry, but you do need to have the entrepreneurial spirit and financial acumen necessary to help shepherd a startup through its early funding stages. Most of all, you need a desire to use your fearless work ethic and valuable contacts in the service of promoting the diversification of American business leaders.

Participants in our initiative gain access to our network of tech startups. This fast-paced, exciting industry offers many opportunities for established business leaders to provide mentorship to diverse founders, gain company equity, and develop high-level leadership experience and skills. Our Startup Board Initiative gives our board candidates the competitive edge they will need to promote their career and become a much-needed diverse voice on the corporate boards of the top companies in America. By working with Score 3, you can personally change the character of corporate leadership.

Join us to create business partnerships that empower diverse business leaders to get the most out of the time and effort they invest on a company board. Help us to galvanize the next generation of leaders. Find out more about our network of diverse leaders and companies.

With Score 3 you can be a force of change in America’s corporate culture. 

    Board Benefits

    With the Score 3 Startup Board Initiative, you will:

    • Work hand-in-hand with amazing entrepreneurs to invent the technology of tomorrow
    • Invest in your financial future by earning an equity stake in the next billion-dollar tech giants
    • Develop your board-level leadership experience with promising startups
    • Increase your reputation and connections with other diverse leaders
    • Build a competitive corporate board resume
    • Prepare to meet the need for diverse leaders in America’s top corporations