Syndicate Leader: Rashad Moore

Syndicate Synopsis

We invest in world-class entrepreneurs, building world-changing ideas!  

The Details

Our team finds amazing founders from around the world via our industry networks, our very active inbound channels, and the Score 3 network of Venture Network Partners.  Our Venture Network Partners includes VCs from many of the top venture firms in the world. Our coinvestors represent the best in venture capital.

We are geography and industry agnostic.  We do, however, have specific interests in the following areas:

  • Blockchain Technologies (Cryptocurrencies)
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Biosciences & Genomic Sequencing
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Agricultural Sciences

We are particularly interested in companies that leverage the above technologies to build within the broad themes of:

  • Future of Finance
  • Future of Work
  • Future of Education
  • Future of Food & Climate
  • Future of Sports & Entertainment

Investor Treats! The Syndicate Lead also participates in many other types of private deals including Real Estate (short-term rental funds), Broadway productions, and other neat revenue generating businesses.  We might offer to syndicate a select few of these deals as well.


As part of the Score 3 Syndicate Network our syndicate works with an awesome team of Venture Fellows.  Venture Fellows represent a wide variety of exceptional talents and perspectives from across the globe; together we leverage our deep industry networks to source and diligence the best investment opportunities.


SwanBitcoin (direct)

Udacity (secondary)

General Terms


We will syndicate all deals that the company will allow. The Goal is syndicate 100% of all of our deals.  

Default Carry per Deal


Minimum Investment per Deal

$1,​000, but my change on a deal-by-deal basis  

Expected Deals per Year


Syndicate Lead Bio

The Syndicate Lead, Rashad Moore, is a previously exited entrepreneur; and a software engineer/architect with expertise in Artificial Intelligence (@JohnsHopkins) and blockchain technologies.