O, let America be America again—

The land that never has been yet—

And yet must be” – Langston Hughes

The Black VC Initiative

There has been this promise of equality that has never reached the black community; it was never meant to. We see this through the plethora of systemic disparities and injustices that are currently occurring and have lasted hundreds of years.

 We have equally seen several VCs, corporate entities, and institutions making statements standing in solidarity for the first time acknowledging they hear and see the Black community and are committing to change.

 We want to hold you to your words, but also help you with your change.

 This initiative is a call to action!

Investors, join our community of those willing to commit to this critical change because the Black community doesn’t just need your sentiment. We need your action! Post your open opportunities here, and we will connect you with remarkable Black investors. 

 Aspiring black VCs, we see you, and we have always seen you. 
Since our founding we have worked to help make room in this industry for you. 

 Join our efforts to create a more equitable venture ecosystem and apply to get connected with firms looking to employ the next generation of Venture Investors.


Black Founders Matter 

Black VCs Matter 

Black Lives Matter

VC Firms


You can post your open jobs on our site and we’ll advertise to our growing number of aspiring, and experienced, Black venture capitalists.

We make it easy! 

  1. Post your job descriptions AS-IS on our platform, and we’ll get the word out to our candidates. Fill out this form (link), and our team will do the rest. If you already post your jobs on public job boards, we can grab the descriptions. Our technical writers can help draft your job description if you don’t have a public job posting.

Click this link NOW –> Raise Your Hand

2. After we’ve posted your existing job description(s), we’ll work to craft job descriptions that target Black VC candidates.

3. After steps 1 and 2, we’d like to propose the VC “Rooney Rule” whereby you commit to interviewing the top 2 or 3 Black candidates that you find through our channels or from other sources.  It’s been proven that the top 1% or 2% of individuals in any population are equal in skill level; so, no one would be “lowering their bar”.

That’s it! With these 3 simple steps your firm will be producing above average returns for your LPs, and most importantly you will be part of the solution and not the problem!

VC Candidates

There are benefits to becoming a VC Candidate. Our candidates will have early access to:

  • Any new jobs posted by VCs
  • Hands-on experience vetting startups and writing deal memos
  • A community of experts dedicated to ensuring that you are fully prepared to compete for, and win, a position at a VC firm.

We are vested in your success!

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G11 Technology Partners was founded by Rashad Moore, also the founder of Score 3 Ventures. The G11 team has experience sourcing, vetting, and hiring AI/ML software engineers for the world’s most demanding clients. Rashad has committed his recruiting team at G11, and a substantial long-term financial commitment, to ensure the success of this initiative.


If you’re interested in providing in-kind or financial support please email Marinna Kus at mk@score3.org.  Thank you.