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Venture Fellowship

Innovative startups are beneficial to the economic growth, productivity, motivation and competitiveness of communities. Many startups have the drive, vision, focus and desire to succeed, but they may lack some of the other tools required to survive and maintain longevity.

Are you interested in early-stage investing or venture capital? Score 3 Ventures is seeking to train the venture capitalists of tomorrow. We are interested in helping to build businesses with owners who are still underrepresented in the industry. This includes: women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, or any combination of the three.

Members of these communities are beginning to thrive in various business ventures, but enthusiasm for their participation is still fairly new. This means their support system could be minimal. This is where you come in.

The Score 3 Venture Fellowship is an immersive experience offering Women, People of Color and LGBTQ members access to participate in the work of a venture firm. Participants in this program, Score 3 Venture Fellows, will have direct access to Venture network partners that will invest in and mentor the fellows.

Social Capital.
Peer Support.

The Score 3 Venture Fellowship is a volunteer role offering real venture capital experience through all phases of the investment lifecycle. 

Score 3 Fellows interact with industry experts and cultivate a network of peers, mentors and business partners. Source high-growth tech startups, manage deal-flow and engage with Score 3 Ventures subject matter experts.

Collaborate with experienced and budding entrepreneurs in the investment industry and gain access to valuable knowledge and insights.

Ultimately, society wins. 

When the investment industry becomes more diverse, future investments will be made in more diverse founders. Score 3 Ventures strives to create financial and social equity through early stage investing. 

You can be part of this change. Apply to be a Score 3 Venture Fellow today.

From our Fellows

“The Venture Fellowship truly exposed me to the realities of early stage investing. It isn’t something you just read about and get, it is something you do. We had ample exposure to it and it helped me land a future opportunity in the VC ecosystem. I have built a broad network in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and certainly got a seat at many tables I elsewise would not have had access too.” 

Amani Phipps, Current Score 3 Fellow

“I liked how hands on the experience was, from taking pitch meetings and being a major part in the decision making process to being able to lead a Due Diligence round.”

Yvonne Okafor, Former Score 3 Fellow

“The networking and learning who’s who in venture capital was great!”

Kris Franks, Former Score 3 Fellow


Our mission is to uncover and empower original problem solvers from all walks of life.

What to Expect
from the Fellowship

Our biggest expectation…Growth! Our desire is that you will commit to the fellowship, learn from the fellowship which will lead to your growth. Much will be expected of you, but you can also expect a lot in return. Score 3 will offer support to ensure continued academic and professional success throughout the Fellowship. The program starts with a 1-2 month training period.  Upon successful completion of the training, you will be granted a fellowship position and placed with a Venture Network Partner in a 1-2 year position. With this guidance, we expect you will eventually leap from fellow to future venture capitalist yourself. 

Requirements for All Candidates

– Be a Person of Color, a Woman, or a LGBTQ community member. We are bringing talented, diverse innovators to the table.

– Have tremendous drive and hustle – we need to know if you have what it takes!

– A strong interest in working  in Venture Capital

– Be a current MBA student, or enrolled in an advanced degree program. 

– Be willing to learn.

– Have a passion for startups and venture.

– Have a strong desire to help others.

– Be a U.S. Citizen or possess a permanent U.S. work visa.

Fellowship Commitment and Activities

– Participate in Score 3 Venture’s three-month training experience to learn the industry, gain confidence in vetting deal flow, and prep for integration into an active Partnered Firm. 

– Pass the Score 3 Venture Fellowship Curriculum assessments. 

– Attend virtual Score 3 Fellow meetings (twice per month).

– Attend all local Partnered Firm’s Group Meetings. 

– Source and manage deal flow from within the venture group’s preferred geographic area.

– Source and manage deal flow from within the Score 3 Founder national network.

– Meet and evaluate entrepreneurs and recommend companies to attend the monthly local group screening meetings.

– Attend local start-up and venture events to meet and evaluate startup teams.

– Coach startups and connect them to appropriate Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

These duties will be executed under the guidance of a venture group manager and the Score 3 team.

Application Timeline

Duration of Fellowship

3-month training internship followed by placement with a venture group or VC 

Once placed with a venture group: 1-year minimum commitment. 2-year maximum duration in the program. 

We review applications on a rolling basis for our open opportunities.

If you would like more information about the Score 3 Venture Fellowship program, please contact us at

Interested in joining our awesome team of Venture Fellows?