Thank you, Black Women for being the first to respond to injustices. 
Thank you, Black Women for being beacons of greatness even while the world ignores your glory.
Thank you, Black Women for blazing new trails and lifting others.
Thank you, Black Women.

In the startup world, Black women founders are no strangers to challenges. Where most people can only see problems, they see opportunity. Black women have consistently outperformed their counterparts with only a fraction of the resources afforded to others.

This inequity stops here.

Therefore, our first cohort of the Score 3 Startup Board Initiative is entirely made up of Black women entrepreneurs. It is our way to thank Black women founders by supporting them at the earliest stages of their startup careers. 

The first cohort of the Score 3 Startup Board Initiative is full of exciting, emerging businesses. Black women founders offer the world a much-needed set of experiences, skills, and viewpoints – their diversity is their strength. This group of Black women founders knows how to see the opportunity in opposition and turn challenges into innovations.

Sarah Frimpong’s company improves access to affordable and healthy self-serve food.

Dawn Myers and Kemba Hall are each changing the options for consumers with naturally curly hair.

Stephanie Cummings offers working professionals a chance to reclaim their free time.

Naza Shelley is inventing a better way to navigate online dating for black women professionals.

Fonta Gilliam is improving savings and loan options for underserved communities.

The core values of community, trust, loyalty, hard work, creativity, and candid communication helped this collective of Black women founders get to where they are now.

Each of them has shown tenacity and innovative thinking in their business enterprises.  To be an effective board member you don’t need to be a titan of the technology industry. All you need is a desire to use your fearless work ethic and valuable contacts in the service of building the next generation of billion-dollar startups. 

Score 3 is excited to partner with these six professionals.

Join our movement by serving as a board advisor at one or more of these innovative startups.

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