Organization Overview

Invest Sou Sou is a financial technology company built on the foundation of Afro Caribbean tradition to create a new form of banking that works for everyone. We take our name from the sousou, an African-Caribbean form of social savings. Our company’s products and services are focused on the positive impact of social networks on savings, fundraising, investing, and spending.

Invest Sou Sou harnesses the power of social networking to create a service that offers value to both consumers and businesses by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. The Sou Sou platform encourages users to build wealth together and stay committed to their financial goals through perks, push notifications, and positive peer pressure. As users build up their savings and credit scores, Sou Sou tracks their progress and offers them rewards and perks for meeting their goals. After a user builds up their credit and collateral, Sou Sou can match them up with relevant loans or services and help give them access to the best interest rates.

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