Demo Days


Season 1 2022

We will host 3 companies led by diverse founders every other Wednesday for the next 12 weeks!

Every other Wednesday @ 8PM EST
(Run time approximately 1 hour, 30 mins)

I'm a Founder. How do I apply?

It’s easy!  Just apply using Score 3’s Startup Application.

Apply Now!

How do I invest in a startup?

Great question! After each demo day, if there is enough interest one of our syndicate leads spin up a syndicate so that the group of investors can pool their funds and invest together.

If we decide not to create a syndicate then we’ll make direct introductions to the founders.

Note: This is not investment advice nor is it a solicitation to invest.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

No.  Although most of our deals require that investors be accredited.  Anyone can join the demo.  And, where possible we encourage founders to execute crowdfunding campaigns that allow unaccredited individuals to invest in their companies.

What is the pitch format?

Each session we will host three founders who will have 25 minutes to present their startup.  

We recommend that founders talk through their deck for the first 10 to 12 minutes, and leave the remainder of the 25 minutes for audience Q&A.

How will funds be raised? Are there opportunities to invest in SPVs?
We will encourage founders to set up an equity crowdfunding campaign to allow unaccredited investors to participate, but cannot guarantee that a founder will do so. 
In some cases, Score 3 Ventures may decide to create a SPV to organize multiple investors from our group into one entity for accredited investors. If we don’t create an SPV then investors from the group can choose to invest directly into the company with the founder’s permission.
Are there requirements around location or prior investing experience?

Not at all! We are interested in onboarding investors with any level of prior experience located anywhere on the globe so long as they are eligible to invest in US companies. 

How does this work in relation to the Startup Board Initiative?

Score 3 works with a handful of startups to help them find talented individuals to serve as Board Advisors. Anyone can apply. Occasionally one may present during Demo Days. For more information, email

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